The Most Dangerous Places To Travel To – The Cities

I suppose, if you have followed, my recent blogs, you would think I write only about where to go. It turns out there are entirely a few places on this planet considered The Most Dangerous Places To Travel To for several reasons. Stay with me and get to know where these places are and what

Where To Travel To In April – Number Four

Numer four of my twelve-part series that gives you some details about where to go in each month. In this post, I´d like you to introduce to the situation in the first spring month and where to travel to in April. Europe and the Atlantic Islands This time I start off on my home Continent

Travel Destinations For March – A Quick Overview

March is knocking on our door, and the weather seems to be getting better in the northern hemisphere. March is coming with two significant events that you should consider while planning your trip. On the one hand we have Spring Break, which influences mainly the US and Mexico, and on the other hand, we got

Best Places To Travel To In February – The Short Month

Month number two in the year shows similar characteristics as January did.  Again, February is great for skiers and winter sport lovers, as well as sun lovers and adventurers. If you are interested what the best places to travel to in February are, read on. Asia Between the Philippines and India, destinations, such as Thailand,

Where To Travel To In January

The following contains some ideas of destinations based on my long time experiences in the travel office. Keep on reading if you try to escape winter, but wonder where to travel to in January. Europe Besides a handful warm spots such as Andalusia in Spain or Gibraltar, the biggest part of Europe is in the

Traveling To The Caucasus

The Caucasus region is from my point of view one of the most beautiful regions your can ever travel to. It consists of Georgia in the west, Azerbaijan in the east and Armenia in the south. You have probably heard stories about these thousands of years old countries, but how is it really going to

Is Bratislava Worth Visiting?

When traveling through Europe, you probably will also stop in Vienna, Austria. A quite common activity to do is, to hop over to Austria´s eastern neighbor Slovakia and visit its capital, Bratislava. But what is there to do and is Bratislava worth visiting? Pressburg, Pozsony, Bratislava Bratislava and Vienna are the two closest located capitals

What Is Qatar Airways?

What makes the that airline, that is always moving around the top two positions in Skytrax´ worlds best airlines rating so good? What is Qatar Airways? A Brief History The airline based at the Hamad international airport in Doha operates a hub and spoke network. It links over 150 international destinations across Africa, Central Asia,

Family Friendly Hotels – My Quick Summary

Recently a lot of people traveling with their children asked me to look for family friendly hotels. At first i thought it’d be an easy task, but turned out harder than expected. So, I decided to share the results with you, and hopefully i can ease your search a little. The Requirements As for me,