on top of mountain blue sky austriaSince my birth in 1988 nature means everything to me. Me and my sister learned already at a very young age, what it means to live in and from nature. We grew up with a garden surrounded by three different forests. Mum & dad took us out into the wild whenever they had time. So I experienced already as a kid how great this feeling of freedom is, when you stand on the top of a mountain or when you explore places that you have never seen before.

New places, landscapes and countries always go hand in hand with new cultures, new food variations and thousands of different colours, smells and visual impressions. Though you see so many different people and lifestyles, you experience, that they all have one thing in common. Almost all of the people worldwide are friendly & peaceful. They are interested in you if you treat them and their culture with respect.

It is and will always be my passion to travel the world and discover new places whenever it is possible. Yes, I want to travel off the grid. Rethink what it means to go on a new journey that is far away from mass tourism.

From Turkey in the east, France in the west, Norway in the north and Africa in the south..I’ve walked almost everywhere with nothing more than my heavy backpack. And do you know what? More was never necessary. No second. If you are on the road, thousand things happen every single day. New possibilities, new adventures, new people that sometimes very quickly become friends who help you out. Its all about being open minded and giving people your hand. Seems unbelievable? Well I’ll prove you wrong.

Vienna is my hometown and it maybe will always be the place of my residency. It is the city with the highest living-quality and yes, it has the best water of all cities. One big reason for me to stay here, beside benefits like infrastructure, and public transport of course.

Anyway, it’s my dream to see the globe. I follow my passion for traveling, and want to see as much of that diverse planet we call home. This pale blue dot is all we have and with my sories I want to contribute more awareness for it among people all around the worldwide. With my camera and my stories I share all my journeys with you. In my blogs at

What can you benefit from me?

Authentic blogs. You will read the most honest insight in daily travelling off the grid, with all its pleasures and dangers. I will show you what it means to be on your own, abroad, with nothing more than a backpack. I show you that it will be no lonely trip. You will get insights how easy it can be to get in touch with people, that can’t even understand you. There are a million ways to communicate and make new friends. Enjoy reading my blog and ask me all you ever wanted to know about me and my experiences in the comment box.

Enjoy reading my stories. Let’s explore the world together 🙂

Your travelbuddy, Mario

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