I’m Niklas, i was born in 1989mit dem motorrad auf einerm pass in vienna, the capital of Austria. In my Childhood the most places where we travel to were in Austria. Of course it’s a very beautyful country where you can see a lot of very interesting things but after a lot of travels to Austria i’m now ready for the rest of the world.

My favorite type of traveling is by motorcycle, a Honda Transalp from 1987. It is awesome how easily you relax from the daily business. Also it is necassary that you are  at the next corner with your mind, if not you are in trouble.

Until now i’ve been in a lot of countrys in Europe, a.E. Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland,…And a few countrys all over the world.

Stay tuned to read about my next trips 😉

Cheers Niklas

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