Best destinations to travel to in May

Best destinations to travel to in May

If you get some days or even better, weeks off from work in May, then it is your lucky time.
Besides cheaper airfares and lower accommodation costs, I will show you here what the best places to travel to in May are.

The Atlantic Islands

Still, an excellent destination in May is the Canary Islands. It is conveniently warm, calm and you will face a minimum chance of rain. Snow has molten on the Teide and offer an excellent spot for trekking tours. Also, the water is already warm enough to take a swim. Water temperatures reach about 20°C.

Even though the Azores won´t reach as warm temperatures as the Canary Islands do, but with temperatures above 20°C, they offer themselves as an excellent destination for cycling and trekking.

And of course, we don´t forget the Cape Verde Islands, which are still perfect for your vacations. Surfing, sailing and hiking are still possible in May.


While the past months were still a bit too cold for most activities, May turns the weather already into a mild climate throughout Europe.
Along the Mediterranean coast between Spain and Greece, you will find perfect spots for your beach break stay. Temperatures rise here at a warm level sometimes already above 25°C, making swimming in the sea possible. A big plus in May here: Shoulder season, which means almost empty beaches and lush vegetation, before drying out in summer. Northern and Eastern Europe are in May still a bit too cold in most regions for hiking trips. If you would like to visit this region, it pays off to wait until at least June. Also, the risk to catch some rainy days are more increased than in June.

East Asia

For all the Japan and China lovers out there, you will see May as the best month to discover all the mysterious places there. It is dry in most of the regions, as the monsoon starts by the end of the month with heavy rainfalls. Temperatures here rise to about 20 to 30°C.

Southeast Asia

While the south has reached its dry period, the north stays at the brink of the start of the Monsoon season. Here you will find more sunshine, less rain, lower humidity which makes the climate more bearable.
Temperatures in the North are at a sweltering level, and rain might fall at times already.

May is a great time to visit Indonesia, especially Bali, Lombok, Java or Borneo. Due to the dry season, you can visit the inland areas easier and under a better circumstance.
In May you will also here find fewer tourists, meaning lower prices.

South Asia and the Indian subcontinent

If you like to visit this area, then I have to disappoint you. May is not a good month to travel to the Indian Subcontinent. Best to visit here is the Himalaya as it lies at a high altitude, temperatures won´t rise as high as they do in lower levels. But at the end of May, Monsoon will start pouring rain here as well.

And because the Monsoon cycle works here in the opposite way then in the rest of the world, Sri Lanka´s east and north offer themselves as an excellent destination to pay a visit.

Central Asia

With temperatures around 20-25°C, central Asia with its widely unknown destinations appears as an excellent alternative to going for hikes and treks during May. But don´t climb too high, as the peaks remain snowy. Even though May counts as a more humid month in Central Asia, you don´t have to be afraid of heavy rains, as there is not much rainfall anyways.


Trips to Africa in May offer you a variety of suitable destinations with stable weather. The North African coast and the Atlas Mountains welcome you with warm temperatures and almost no rainy days. While the water in the Mediterranean is warm enough for swimming, you can explore the cities at bearable temperatures.

May also marks the beginning of the southern winter in southern Africa. While we already enjoy the first warm days north of the equator, the south stays still at enjoyable 20-25°C. Along with the even mild weather, you won´t face much rain. Due to the thick and lush vegetation, safaris are not yet a good idea, because you might not see any game.

Indian Ocean

The month of May marks the beginning of the dry season in the Indian Ocean, meaning there are less rainfall and less humid air. Nevertheless, the climate is still, and water temperatures stay above 25°C all year long.

Travelling to Maurice, Madagascar or Seychelles is to be recommended in May. It´s also a shoulder season here, which means prices are moderate and most of the beautiful white beaches belong to you alone.

North America

Hawaii is again in the spotlight, surfing won´t be as good as it was in the earlier months this year, but you won´t encounter too many tourists. Also, the weather is mostly dry, and there are not many rainy days in May.

In California, you will find pleasant 23°C, fewer tourists and most of the pass routes through the Rockies are open. Planning a tour through the West? May is the month for you.
America´s east coast starts to become an exciting destination in May as well. Temperatures rise, vegetation turned green already, and fewer tourists grant you cheaper accommodation.
At last, trips the southern Canada without stomping through the snow are now possible too. The winter has disappeared up to the north, and the sweltering summer has not yet begun. In cities like Quebec, Toronto or Montreal you can find excellent opportunities for city trips at convenient 20-25°C.

The Caribbean

Here the rainy seasons starts, alongside high temperatures and increased humidity. But if you don´t mind the previously mentioned features, you will find cheaper offers due to the low season and see fewer tourists.

South America

With the end of the rainy season, you will be able to visit the other destinations in the North and South as well. As the rain gets less, countries such as Brazil, alongside Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Colombia make themselves a perfect fit for trips in May. Temperatures have decreased, and the air is not too humid anymore.

South Pacific

While the rainy season has stopped her, you will face still some rain. But water temperatures of 25-30°C make the South Pacific a dream destination in May.
If you can manage to take some more time off from work, you can easily combine it with New Zealand, where you will find only a few tourists at lower prices.

I hope this post can help you with your travel planning. I would be happy to read some comments.

Safe travels,


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