Best travel destinations for November

Best travel destinations for November


Those who are simply looking for peace and quiet in still halfway pleasant temperatures will also find their destinations at the Mediterranean in November. At this time, the tourist masses have finally disappeared and one has beaches and accommodations largely for oneself. On the Balearic Islands, Sardinia, Sicily and Crete, this can now be realized with 20°C during the day. At least in Crete, visitors can still jump into the sea at a water temperature of 20 degrees on deserted beaches. However, even on the Mediterranean islands, much more rain is to be expected in November than in summer.


The classic destination of the sun-hungry in November is the Canary Islands. Sun and relaxation – this guarantees the visitors a holiday in November on the Spanish archipelago. With an average air temperature of about 25 degrees and a water temperature of about 21 degrees you can even swim in November and sit on the beach in deck chairs.

A holiday in November on the Canary Islands is also ideal for extensive hikes. Especially the mountain landscapes on La Palma are the perfect place for this and especially popular with active holidaymakers. Small drop of bitterness: It rains relatively frequently in November. But in view of the pleasant temperatures, one gladly accepts this.

Middle East

In the northern part of the Middle East, Cyprus is the only destination left in November. There are still pleasant temperatures for hikes, sightseeing and domestic tours. The now more frequent rainfall ensures that nature is now green again, making the island particularly attractive. But for most people it is already too cold for bathing in Cyprus.
After the endless months of extreme heat, the Arabian Peninsula can be visited again in November. During the day the temperatures are “only” at 30 degrees Celsius and the water of the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean still reaches well over 20 degrees Celsius. Beside bathing holidays tourists can visit the impressive modern cities and the huge shopping malls on one to e.g. Dubai or in the Oman now problem-free or explore with a route the desert. Rain is not to be feared.

Far East

In the Far East, the winter in November advances further and further south. An attractive destination is now only southern China, where the time of the typhoons is over. With quite stable, sunny weather the temperatures are pleasantly warm with values over 20 degrees Celsius, the precipitation is relatively small and the air humidity not too high. If you want to visit Hong Kong and Macau, there is a good opportunity in November.

Southeast Asia

Finally it is largely over in the north of Southeast Asia, the monsoon. The dry season is entering the region with great strides. Often only half as much rain falls as in the previous months. The showers become shorter and occur much less frequently. With pleasant temperatures of 23-27 degrees on average, the great heat is now a thing of the past. Therefore one can visit in November a zone of Myanmar over Thailand up to the Philippines.

Merely an exception forms. Here it comes further to falling rain and storms. In the north of Vietnam, however, both white sandy beaches and numerous sights await the visitor, as for example the impressive ruins of Angkor. But also trekking tours through the jungle and the higher altitudes are now very attractive. So shortly after the end of the rainy season the nature presents itself very luxuriant. In central Vietnam, however, it continues to fall rain and storms.

In the south of the region, in Indonesia, the rainy season just begins in November and is therefore no longer recommended for a holiday.

South Asia / Indian Subcontinent

In November almost the whole subcontinent can be visited. Rain can hardly be expected. Only on the southeast coast of India and Sri Lanka the wet season continues.

Also on the Maldives warm and dry weather prevails now again. An ideal time to get to know these dreamlike islands before the tourist high season begins in December and the prices rise strongly.

The Himalayas, the Karakorum and its foothills can be safely visited until the middle of the month for hikes, trekking tours and mountaineering. Then the winter with ice and snow as well as low temperatures comes in. But until then clear, blue and cloudless skies dominate during the day with constant sunshine and great views.


Africa offers good destinations in November, especially north of the equator. In the meantime, the Sahara has cooled down so much that one can go on tours through the biggest desert of the world again. The bathing resorts at the Red Sea like Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh offer the tourists numerous white sandy beaches with warm temperatures of 26 degrees. Here in November, holidaymakers do not have to fear any rain. Of course, one can combine one’s bathing holiday with a round trip to the historical sites of the Nile valley. It is especially beautiful to discover during a cruise on the Nile.

After the end of the rainy season, holidaymakers can discover West Africa again from November. In the north now at the beginning of the comparatively cool and less sultry dry season temperatures of 20-25 degrees are reached. In the always humid zone further south it is about 30°C. But even there the risk of precipitation and humidity in November have decreased to such an extent that a holiday is worthwhile.

Also the Cape Verde Islands move in November again into the focus of those, which look for a great place for a vacation in the warmth. This is especially true for visitors who travel to Cape Verde for hiking, surfing and sailing. The temperatures are not too hot and there is practically no precipitation. In addition, the strong northeast trade wind blows again from November.

The east and south of Africa, on the other hand, are hardly suitable for a holiday in November. In East Africa now the so-called “small rainy season” prevails, which makes bathing holidays as well as safaris and trekking tours, for example on the Kilimanjaro or in the Ruwenzori mountains impossible or at least more difficult. In southern Africa, November is often the hottest month of the year. It is not much fun to go on safaris through dry vegetation at temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius.

Only the South African Cape region is worth a trip, because there spring presents itself in all its splendour with pleasant temperatures and dry weather.

An insider tip is still the highlands of Ethiopia. At the end of the rainy season, in November, visitors travel through nature with pleasant temperatures and dry weather, which shows itself in magnificent green and in which all plants bloom. Hikes with a daily sunshine of about 10 hours are a lot of fun.

North America

In North America in November only Florida and California still have pleasant weather around 20 degrees. There it can even be warm enough for swimming. Holidaymakers can now also travel to the deserts in the west of the USA, as it is quite mild there at this time.

From November on surfers at the northern coasts of Hawaii will get their money’s worth, because then the wind blows especially strong there and therefore especially high waves arise.

The rest of the continent, on the other hand, is already under the control of winter. In the Rocky Mountains the snow conditions become so good in the course of November that the winter sports season starts here earlier than elsewhere. Those who really can’t wait should fly over the big pond in November.


In November the heat, which dominated the vast majority of the islands from May to October, finally ebbs slowly. It remains a pleasant warmth of 25-30 degrees and mostly sunny weather. One should not be disturbed by the last rainfalls of the rainy season. In addition, the hurricane season is now largely over. Thus there are perfect conditions for a bathing holiday in the Caribbean.

Only the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao), in the summer and autumn months the last rescue for Caribbean fans, now have their rainy season in November.

Central America

As in the Caribbean, with the end of the rainy season the weather in Central America improves in the course of November. The rainfall decreases, it is very sunny and the temperatures are 20-25 degrees in the north, 25-30 degrees in the south, pleasantly warm, but not too hot. Also the humidity decreases again. Tours through the jungle or visits to the sites of Maya and Aztecs can now be undertaken again without any problems. Only surfers and rafters are disappointed about the end of the rainy season. It brought them wind, waves and torrential rivers.

South America

In South America, only selected regions are recommended for a holiday in November. In the tropical zone of the continent it is now rainy season everywhere and in Patagonia in the very south it is still too cold, too windy and too humid.

Only the subtropical south remains, where the south winter gradually changes into spring, and the north coast of Brazil, where the dry season continues. Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires or Montevideo are therefore worth a visit in November, as are Salvador or Recife.

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