Best travel destinations in October

Best travel destinations in October


In large parts of Europe it is already too cold in October for a beach holiday, outdoor activities or sightseeing in guaranteed good weather.

Only the coasts of the Mediterranean still offer pleasant bathing conditions. The Balearic Islands, Malta or Crete have plenty of sunshine and reach during the day still mild 21 to 24 degrees, but at night it already cools down to fresh 14 degrees. Bathing in the Mediterranean can still be done without any problems at a water temperature of approx. 22°C – but a real guarantee for continuously good bathing weather is no longer given during a holiday in October. But if one does not catch such a beautiful day, one can still explore the scenic and cultural attractions of the Mediterranean region by hiking or biking.

But in the regions north of the Mediterranean it is already too cool and humid in October.

Islands in the Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic islands remain attractive destinations for holidaymakers who find it too cold in Germany in October. Especially on the Canary Islands it is warm during the day with 26-28°C in summer and the winter rainy season has not started yet. Another positive aspect is that not as many tourists visit the island in October as in summer or winter. Thus, one does not have to fear full beaches and hotels and high prices.

But also the Azores and Madeira still have values of more than 20 degrees, but are wetter than Lanzarote or Gran Canaria. Due to the still warm sea water, one can easily swim, sail or simply lie lazily on the beach during a trip during the autumn holidays. As alternatives, there are also trekking tours, hikes or explorations of the islands by bike.

Middle East

Those who can’t do much with the extreme summer temperatures will still find the best conditions in the Middle East on the shores of the Mediterranean in October. The resorts are not so crowded anymore, there are often cheap offers and with daily eight sun hours the thermometer reaches during the day about 27-28 degrees. The water remains with 20-23 degrees also absolutely suitable for bathing. The sunken, but still warm temperatures also invite to round trips and visits to the ancient sites in the northern regions of the Middle East. Petra in Jordan or Jerusalem in Israel can be visited now well. The one or other rain shower can hardly disturb the joy both at the beaches and with the Sightseeing.

On the Arabian Peninsula it is for Central Europeans with values clearly over 30 degrees still predominantly too hot for a vacation. Only in Yemen in the southwest the temperatures have already cooled down to such an extent that a trip would be climatically possible.

Far East

If you want to make a round trip through the whole East of China, then one of the best times of the year is now. In the north and in the middle the temperatures are still warm enough, in the south the monsoon has decreased so much that travelling in the region is again possible without any problems.

Also Japan and South Korea can offer pleasant temperatures in October. The rainfalls are limited. October is also a better time than April or May to visit the many sights of both countries. Now they are much less crowded in autumn than in spring.

In western China, Mongolia and the Asian part of Russia, however, winter already sets in in October. These regions are no longer recommended for a trip.

Southeast Asia

In October, the rainy season begins in the south of Indonesia, while the monsoon is slowly diminishing in the alternately humid regions of the north. However, there is still a lot of rainfall from the sky and typhoons continue to threaten the region. A visit there is still not recommended. Northern Vietnam is an exception. Here it is already dry and cool enough for a stay.

South Asia / Indian Subcontinent

In the majority of the Indian subcontinent the monsoon season is now over, so a visit from the Himalayas to the Indian southern tip is again possible almost everywhere. Those who want to explore the treasures of the subcontinent on round trips or want to go mountaineering or trekking in the Himalayas should come now. Because differently than with a visit in the spring the nature shows up now everywhere in full green.

Only the southeast coast of India is still two months longer under the influence of the monsoon. Therefore it is not advisable to stay there in October or on a trip to Sri Lanka. Because also the island in the very south of the subcontinent gets a lot of humidity in October.

Central Asia

In the deeper regions of Central Asia it is still warm enough for round trips and sightseeing with 20-25 degrees during the day in October. In the mountains, on the other hand, the first snowfalls have already started. From November it will be too cold in the lowlands.


In hardly any other month can holidaymakers in North Africa do so many different things as in October. All coastal regions remain interesting destinations for bathers. Because both the air and the water still have temperatures of over 20°C. The occasional showers that occur now are easy to cope with.

In the Sahara, it has cooled down so much that in October, one can go on desert tours again. The advantage is that it is not as cold at night as in the middle of winter.

The lower temperatures also invite to visit the ancient sites in North Africa. A cruise on the Nile is particularly attractive. Also the numerous bazaars are waiting for the visitors. The Atlas mountains in Morocco are also an attractive destination for trekking tours in October, before cold and humidity come in here from November.

East Africa is a worthwhile destination in the first half of October. With dry weather and pleasant temperatures from 25 degrees in the highlands to 30 degrees at the coast, safaris and bathing holidays in Kenya and Tanzania are still very well possible. But then the small rainy season starts here. Although there are no torrential rainfalls to be expected as in spring, but in the rain one certainly does not want to spend the most beautiful weeks of the year.

Southern Africa, on the other hand, is now experiencing its spring. In October, visitors can expect mild temperatures of 25 degrees during the day, hardly any precipitation and lower humidity. Also almost always the sun shines. October is the best time for safaris. In the vegetation, which has dried up completely after several months of the rainy season, animals in the national parks of Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa can now be observed particularly easily. Also in the Cape region the South Spring has arrived in October. Optimal for a visit, the nature with its flowering flower fields shows itself now from its most beautiful side.

Also suitable for a holiday in October is the alternating humidity of Central Africa south of the equator. Before the rainy season starts in November, warm temperatures and dry weather await the tourists.

October also offers the last opportunity in the year to visit the dream islands in the Indian Ocean in pleasant weather conditions. Mauritius, Réunion, the Seychelles and Madagascar wait with white sand beaches and turquoise sea. During the day the thermometer reaches about 27 degrees and the Indian Ocean is warm enough with 24 degrees for bathing, surfing or diving. The now increasing precipitation is still to be endured. With the onset of the rainy season in November, it becomes too humid for a really nice holiday.

North America

The number of attractive destinations in North America will decline considerably in October as winter quickly penetrates from the north and hurricanes threaten the south.

It remains pleasantly warm in Hawaii and California. With declining temperatures, the desert areas in the southwest of the USA are also becoming attractive again. Those who dream of Las Vegas should drive now. In New England and around the Great Lakes, the Indian Summer is in its final stages and transforms the forests into a golden sea of leaves in an impressive natural spectacle.

South America

In October the rainy season begins in the Andes north of the equator. The heavy rainfalls not only spoil the holiday enjoyment, but also ensure that from now on certain parts of the region are difficult or impossible to reach. A stay is therefore no longer recommended.

Brazil, where it is relatively dry and warm, but not too hot, as well as the subtropical climate zone in Uruguay, Central Chile, Paraguay and northern Argentina remain attractive. There the spring in October makes further progress. Everywhere the plants bloom in their most beautiful splendour. It is not too hot and not too cold and holidaymakers have to reckon with little precipitation.

Australia / South Pacific

At the other end of the world, spring continues to advance. If you want to concentrate on the big metropolises in the south of Australia during your visit, then October is the perfect month for it, with warm but not too hot temperatures and little rain.

But also the islands in the South Seas are still an attractive destination this month. Before the more humid season starts again in November, there is the possibility in October to realize one’s dream holiday with high summer temperatures of 25-30 degrees.

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