Good destinations for December

Good destinations for December


The heat destination closest to Central Europe in December is the Canary Islands. Many travellers appreciate the pleasant weather there as a refuge from the winter cold in Germany and stay longer on the islands. On the Canary Islands at this time the daytime temperatures reach values between 22 and 24 degrees, while the water temperature is about 20 degrees. Hikes are possible as well as jumping into the Atlantic.

Those who want to have a special holiday should definitely come to Tenerife in December. There, the snow conditions on the Teide are so good that one can put one’s skis or snowboard under one’s feet in the morning and lie on the beach in the afternoon with warm temperatures.

Middle East

While the north of the Middle East is clearly too cold for a pleasant holiday in December, the Arabian Peninsula with Dubai and Oman in the south is an excellent place to visit: December is one of the few months of the year when Europeans can endure the climate outdoors. During the day, temperatures can reach between 24 and 29 degrees Celsius and the water temperature never falls below 22 degrees Celsius. At night, the thermometer drops significantly below 20 degrees, so you should definitely pack a warm sweater. Also, the little rain falls not least in December and provides additionally for more pleasant climatic conditions. Thus, one can explore both bathing as also the shopping malls and the desert.

Southeast Asia

If you want to spend your holiday in December in real summer weather, you have to fly far away. Southeast Asia offers itself at the end of the year both for those who want to go to the beach and for holidaymakers who want to get to know the country and its people.

In December, the typhoon season is finally over all over the region. In Thailand, Myanmar, the Philippines and southern China it is dry because the monsoon blows from the land during the winter and cannot absorb moisture. With 20-25 degrees Celsius during the day it is warm, but not too hot. In the higher altitudes, however, it can get quite cold, especially at night. Moreover, the humidity in December is low and the sun shines all day from a nearly cloudless sky.

Also the numerous beach regions on the Malay peninsula have their special charm in December, as there are now best conditions for a bathing holiday. In dry weather they offer a pleasantly warm climate of 27-30 degrees with relatively low humidity and calm sea. Popular destinations include Penang on the west coast of Malaysia and Phuket further north in Thailand. However, in the middle of the tourist high season it is quite crowded and the prices reach their peak.

Not recommended for a holiday in December are large parts of Indonesia and the east coast of Malaysia. There is now the rainy season.

South Asia / Indian Subcontinent

The north of the Indian subcontinent is not necessarily suitable for a holiday due to the quite low plus degrees at night in December.

It looks better already in the south of India, in the west and south of Sri Lanka as well as in the Maldives. The visitor can expect warm and dry weather with temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees. Since these regions were still under the influence of the monsoon until the end of November, they now look like green oases. However, everyone should bear in mind that Christmas and New Year are the peak tourist seasons in the Maldives and absolute top prices are reached.


Also on the African continent there are a lot of holiday destinations in December.

In North Africa, beach holidays on the Red Sea, such as in Hurghada or Sharm el Sheikh, are particularly popular. During the day 23-24°C and at night 16 degrees are reached here. The water is quite warm with 24°C, so that one can still swim in the sea in December when the sun is shining. But of course the weather is also suitable for exploring the historical sites in the Nile valley.

Also the highlands of Ethiopia, a touristically still rather undeveloped region, is now in the dry season an interesting destination.

The best destinations in Africa in December, however, are destinations in the east and south of the continent. South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya and Namibia, but also Botswana and Zimbabwe have a lot to offer for nature lovers in December. The temperatures in East Africa are 25-26°C in the highlands and 32°C on the coast. There is hardly a cloud in the sky and almost no drop falls.

In southern Africa it is also quite warm with around 30°C, but the rainy season is already announced, so that one has to expect one or the other shower. For those who prefer to lie on the beaches of the Indian Ocean, the beach resorts at the coast of East Africa are recommendable. With water temperatures of 25 degrees and more, all kinds of water sports activities are possible.

The relatively cool and less sultry dry season with temperatures of 25°C also invites you to visit the countries in West and Central Africa north of the equator in December. But at night it can get quite fresh here, so you should always have sweaters and other warm clothes with you.

In December, the Cape Verde Islands, the “islands of eternal summer” off the West African coast, are also an attractive destination. This is especially true for visitors who travel there for hiking, surfing and sailing. Because the northeast trade wind blows particularly strongly in December. The temperatures of the water and the air are not too hot with an average of 21 degrees and there is practically no precipitation. The sun shines seven to ten hours a day, making the archipelago ideal for all those hungry for the sun.


The Caribbean is the perfect destination for holidaymakers who want to stay warm during their holidays in December and above all want to swim. Air and water temperatures of 25-30 degrees and the best dry bathing weather are guaranteed on almost all the islands in the region. Only in the Bahamas, Cuba and Jamaica, cold air from the North American continent can occasionally reach temperatures of 10 degrees Celsius at night. The sun on the islands shines in this month the whole day from a radiating blue sky and it is to be counted only on a lower air humidity. However, the prices reach their absolute high around Christmas and New Year. Moreover, hotels and beaches are quite crowded.

In the south of Florida, the US state bordering on the Caribbean, the temperatures in the last month of the year are also high enough for a sun holiday with 22°C during the day. But the rest of North America is more or less under winter control in December.

Central America

December is recommended for a stay in Central America and on the North and North West coasts of South America as well as on the Galapagos Islands. Then it is relatively dry in this part of the world, very sunny and the temperatures are pleasantly warm during the day, but not too hot. Visitors can now also expect lower humidity. However, in northern Central America it is quite possible that the temperatures in the higher inland regions fall near freezing at night. Thus, those who go to Mexico in December should also pack warm things.

Deep in the south
If you want to go far away to the southern hemisphere, you can look forward to optimal weather conditions in December. Because then there is midsummer and better climatic conditions for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountaineering and canoeing are hardly to be found in the rest of the year.

In New Zealand, Tasmania and Patagonia the temperatures are among the highest in December, the wind is less strong and precipitation is relatively low. In addition, the sun never shines longer due to the long days. However, there can also be sudden changes in December, especially in the mountains. Another reason for a visit at the end of the year is that all hotels and national parks are open and the traffic routes are easy to use.


December is one of the short periods of the year when tourists can also visit at least the coastal areas of Antarctica and the offshore islands such as the Falklands and South Georgia. Not only is it the warmest period of the year with temperatures around freezing, it also remains bright for up to 24 hours. This month is also characterised by longer periods of calm weather. A cruise through Antarctic waters in December is therefore something for people who want to experience something very special.

For winter sports enthusiasts
The mountainous regions of Europe and North America offer ideal conditions for all those who want to go skiing and cross-country skiing in December. There is no difference whether it is the Rocky Mountains, the Alps or the Pyrenees, the Caucasus or the Carpathians.

Despite the good snow conditions, you should not travel to Scandinavia, Alaska or North and Central Asia in December. Not only does it get extremely cold there with double-digit temperatures below zero; the daylight also shows up only briefly, if at all, in the dark winter month of December. In addition, numerous traffic connections are interrupted by snowfall, making many mountain regions inaccessible.

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