Good destinations for September

Good destinations for September


In Germany, summer is coming to an end and autumn is on the horizon. Is it still possible for travellers to spend a summer holiday on the beach in September?

Around the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea this is still possible and for many people even better to bear than in summer. The heat is with 26-29 degrees not quite so strong, the beaches and hotels are less full and also the prices move again in the moderate range. Apart from a few showers, there is no need to adjust to rain.

The sea water has everywhere in south and southeast Europe as well as at the Atlantic coast up to the Loire still bathing temperatures. Thus, all kinds of outdoor activities are still possible in the south of the continent.

However, bathing in the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the English Channel is no longer an option. Also for many other outdoor activities it is already too cool in September in Western, Central and Eastern Europe. Therefore visits, city tours and round trips to the numerous sights of the continent move in this month again into the foreground. Clearly too cold and too humid for a pleasant holiday in September, however, it is already again in Scotland, Scandinavia and northern Eastern Europe.

Islands in the Atlantic Ocean

The Canary Islands were hot, overcrowded and expensive in summer, but from September they are again an attractive destination. Then there is not so much going on on the islands, it is pleasantly warm but not too hot and there is only a low risk of rainfall. For a relaxing beach holiday as also for trekking tours in the mountains of the islands, September is therefore excellently suitable.

Also for the Azores such a combination is possible in September. Air and water temperatures are well above 20 degrees Celsius and cycling and hiking tours should also be preferred now, as the humidity is lower than in the high summer months.

Finally, Madeira in September is especially interesting for bathers. Only in this month, the water in the Atlantic around the island gets warmest, so that when autumn starts here, there are optimal conditions for water sports activities.

Middle East

September is an excellent month to discover as much of this region as possible, at least in the north. On the one hand, a bathing holiday on the Turkish Riviera, the Black Sea or Cyprus is still very possible: during the day, the temperatures are more than 30 degrees Celsius, the water everywhere is clearly above 20 degrees Celsius and holidaymakers usually don’t have to reckon with rain. On the other hand, the values are not quite as high as in midsummer. It is therefore a good idea to explore the cultural highlights of the region on a round trip.

But also the Arabian Peninsula becomes bearable again after the unbearable heat of the summer, among others in the southwest of Yemen. In order to be able to visit all areas of the climatically very different country, September is recommended because of the moderate temperatures.

Far East

In September the rainy season in the temperate and subtropical monsoon zone of the Far East comes to an end. Temperatures are pleasantly warm, sunny and rainfall is limited. The sultriness of summer has also disappeared.

Japan, North Korea and South Korea as well as the east of China north of the Yangtze are now optimal destinations again.

Mongolia is also attractive in September. Although the monsoon has only touched the country, but during the summer it was especially in the south in the desert Gobi clearly too hot for a visit. In September the worst summer heat is over during the day and the cold of the nights is still bearable enough to explore the sparsely populated country on horses or camels.

Southeast Asia

Still monsoon rains in the north, increasing heat in the south. This is how Southeast Asia presents itself in September. Those who can and want to endure the high temperatures of well over 30 degrees can travel to the classic destinations of Bali and Lombok.

However, according to many in this region, the destinations between the two extremes are more attractive in September. That’s why Singapore and Malaysia are ideal travel destinations. The temperatures are warm in midsummer, humidity and rainfalls are limited for an area in the middle of the tropics. This enables trekking tours into the jungle in the eastern part of Malaysia on the island of Borneo in September.

South Asia / Indian Subcontinent

After months of first the heat and then the heavy rainfall of the monsoon, the Indian subcontinent is back in the focus of holiday planning in September. The north and east of Sri Lanka is relatively dry and from the middle of the month you can hike in the Himalayas and its foothills again. Because then the temperatures there have decreased again to a bearable level and also the rainfalls have clearly decreased. The advantage over a visit to this region in spring is that after the rainy season, nature presents itself in full green and makes the highest mountains in the world particularly attractive.

Central Asia

The slow decline in temperatures in Central Asia is also causing the best destinations to change in September. In the high mountains it becomes too cold for trekking tours or hikes. On the other hand, September is one of the best travel times for the lower altitudes. Then the temperatures are very pleasant with 20-25 degrees and it remains relatively dry. Thus the optimal conditions to explore the diverse culture of the region during a round trip.


In North Africa, the great heat is easing again in September. However, due to the high summer temperatures, the warm sea water and the lack of rain, the coasts of the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Red Seas are ideal for a bathing holiday.

September is one of the best holiday months for the tropical and humid regions south of the equator. During the day it is mostly around 25 degrees warm, very sunny, dry and the humidity is at a level that is bearable for Central Europeans. So ideal conditions for round trips through the south of the African continent and safaris to the unique national parks in southern and eastern Africa. But also a bathing holiday on the East African coast and trekking tours in the high mountains are now possible.

Only the Cape region is too cool. And on the east coast of South Africa, the risk of rain increases significantly again in September, so that there are no real holiday pleasures anymore.

Exotic dream beaches can be found in September not only on Africa’s east coast. The islands in the Indian Ocean like the Seychelles, Mauritius and Madagascar have dry and midsummerly weather this month. In addition, after the end of the high tourist season, the prices there start to tumble. Those who want to realize their dream holiday under palm trees in exclusive resorts and don’t want to pay so much, can now go there in September.

North America

September offers a number of attractive destinations in North America, especially as the summer heat gradually retreats to the south. In addition to California, the northern east coast of the USA is also an ideal destination.

Particularly impressive in September are the south of Canada, the New England states and the Great Lakes. There visitors can now experience the Indian Summer with its impressive foliage discoloration of the forests.

Also the Midwest can be visited very well in September, because the summer months are too hot here, but the winter months are too cold.

A trip to Hawaii is also worthwhile. There it is warm in September, relatively dry and the tourist masses of the summer have left the islands again.


September is not the best travel time for the Caribbean. There is a high risk of hurricanes this month. Most Caribbean islands have a rainy season in September, apart from rainy days it also often means that many mosquitoes appear.

An alternative to Cuba, Dom. Rep. & Co. offer in September the islands Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao directly off the South American coast. It is warm there in midsummer, but the three islands are always spared from tropical storms and rain is also rare.

South America

In hardly any other month one can visit so many parts of South America due to the climatic conditions as in September. Beside the still warm and dry weather in Brazil and the Andes from Bolivia to Colombia, the subtropical regions in the south of the continent become attractive again.

After the end of the southern winter, it is now significantly warmer in a strip from central Chile to southern Brazil. The snow conditions in the Chilean and Argentine Andes are still so good in September that winter sports are still possible here.

Australia / South Pacific

Spring arrives at the other end of the world. In the south of Australia around Sydney, Melbourne and Perth it is now warm and dry enough for a pleasant stay.

For the centre and the north of Australia it is too hot again in September.

But those who only in September have the opportunity to get to know all the sightseeings of the fifth continent on a round trip, can definitely drive this month.

For holidaymakers who want to go to the South Seas, September is an excellent month everywhere. On the tropical South Sea islands, the dry phase of the year continues, so that a dream holiday under palm trees and a radiant blue sky can be realized at high summer temperatures.

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