Good travel destinations for March

Good travel destinations for March

March is knocking on our door, and the weather seems to be getting better in the northern hemisphere. March is coming with two significant events that you should consider while planning your trip. On the one hand we have Spring Break, which influences mainly the US and Mexico, and on the other hand, we got the Easter holidays. Anyways, keep on reading if you are looking for right travel destinations for March.

The Caribbean

Let´s start with the destination that offers you the best travel time in March. Yes, the beautiful Caribbean! If you like hot weather and lots of suns, you are doing just fine with travelling to the islands. Daily averages from 29°C to 32°C allow you to heat up, take refreshing dips in the sea that, depending on the location, welcomes you with around 25°C warm water.
But, as mentioned in the introduction, be aware of the Easter holiday season. Accommodation prices smoothly increase during that time. Also, the number of people, sharing the beautiful spots on the beaches will take away your feeling of loneliness.

Central America

The weather here in Central America appears to be very similar to the conditions you face in the Caribbean. If you plan to visit the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, you will enjoy hot weather and warm water, that´s just perfect for your beach trip. When planning accommodation and flights to Cancun and Playa del Carmen, consider the “Spring Break” parties. Often nights will be filled with music and young folks that enjoy drinking. Many hotels do have a remark in their property description. As for me, I do enjoy to have a calmer vacation, but if you are into parties and meeting new people, right on. The perfect spot for you.

The rest of Central America that is further away from the coast offers good weather too. Keep in mind though, when hiking in mountains or forests, temperatures may switch easily drop. Make sure you bring proper gear.

South America

As previously mentioned, at the end of February/March, the southern summer is about to end. Therefore temperatures in the south begin to drop and parts such as Patagonia lose their attractiveness. Also, snow may fall at higher altitudes, making roads hard to pass.
On the other side, the rains start to stop in areas like Rio de Janeiro, decreasing the humidity. Rivers and lakes carry enough water to go on an excursion to the Amazon or visiting the Iguazu falls. Carnival in Rio has finished, and hotel prices are affordable again.
But keep in mind, South America is so diverse, that you will have to carry a long sleeve shirt with you almost all the time. Especially when travelling in Peru or Bolivia Altiplano, temperatures there might sometimes still drop below freezing point.


Northeast and East Asia have similar climate conditions like Europe. That means large parts of Japan, China and Korea are still under control of the cold weather. When travelling to Japan, you will even still have excellent snow conditions for snowboarding or skiing on its northern Island Hokkaido.
Major cities along Chinas coastline are slowing getting warmer, and visits will not be accompanied by freezing temperatures anymore.
The Island of Taiwan becomes an attractive destination in mid to end of March.
Heartland parts of China though, are still too cold to travel to.

Southeast Asia welcomes you already with scorching temperatures between 30-35°C; this counts especially for Thailands western coast, where also rains do not fall anymore. But even the eastern shore is safe to travel. With the hot weather comes the high season too, lots of tourists and expensive accommodations.
Destinations south of the Equator are not recommended as the Monsoon still brings heavy rainfalls.

Northern India and the Himalaya region turn into spring, and the flora starts to bloom. The weather is stable and bearable and is just perfect for hikes.
Temperatures in the southern parts of India are for unused tourists too high.

I can recommend visiting Sri Lanka and the Maldives in the Indian Ocean as well. With only around three days of rain, temperatures around 30°C and 9 hours sun a day, March is still one of the best months to visit these destinations. When thinking of a honeymoon to the Maldives, March is a superb choice. The same goes for Sri Lanka, and given the geographical structure, the island usually has different weather conditions from east to west. But in March the weather conditions are stable all over the island.

North America

While the winter is still working on the northern part of North America, Florida, Hawaii and southern California are right to travel to. The south of the USA slowly begin to turn into springtime and weather gets more stable as well as temperatures increase.
Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas are good states to travel to in March due to their mild climate. Also, there will not be too many tourists, meaning accommodations are comfortable to find and prices are affordable.


While you have beautiful warm weather swim warm water in Egypt, north Africas waters have not yet warmed up the way you could swim.
If you instead follow the footprints of the Pharaohs and the ancient Egyptian culture, you do that best in March. As temperatures in the desert have not yet reached a too high level, expeditions to the valley of the kings or a cruise on the Nile are perfect alternatives to the classic five-star hotel at the beach. It is also easily combinable.

The rest of Africa in March is either hot or rainy. The rainy season has started on the east coast, making many roads hard to pass. If you like sweltering weather, you are best advised to visit the west coast.

If visiting the south, I recommend visiting the Cape Town area. Before and after the Easter time, prices for accommodations are affordably low. Temperatures lay here between 25-30°C.
Despite the warm temperature, March is not the best time to do safaris, because of the vegetation.

Australia and New Zealand

After the summer has slowly finished, temperatures begin to sink, and trips to almost all parts of Australia and New Zealand are possible. Nights might get chilly, though.
While the Monsoon is working in the north, the south is recommendable.


Europe’s heartland starts to prepare for spring, meaning temperatures slowly increase and southern areas, such as Sicily, Andalusia and Portugals Algarve welcome you with temperatures up to 23    °C.
Sightseeing to many major cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Palermo or Athens is good during March. When visiting Rome, take care not to do so during the Easter time. The Vatican as the Catholic capital is attended by thousands of Christians to witness the popes speech. And that means accommodation is costly, if available.

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