Is February a good month to travel around?

Is February a good month to travel around?

Month number two in the year shows similar characteristics as January did.  Again, February is great for skiers and winter sport lovers, as well as sun lovers and adventurers. If you are interested what the best places to travel to in February are, read on.


Between the Philippines and India, destinations, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar welcome you with temperatures between 30 and 33°C during days and around 20°C during nights. Countries like Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia offer besides beautiful beaches also rich culture and history that are worth a visit.

If visiting Thailands, e.g. Krabi, Phuket, Khao Lak etc. you will be encountering masses of tourists, as this season is a peak season for these areas. Alongside the tourists, prices increase as well.

After the winter has disappeared from southern China already, Hong Kong and Macau can be visited at comfortable temperatures as well.

For Sri Lanka travellers, February is the perfect month. As on this island, you will encounter oppositional weather conditions between the west and the east, February shows balanced and stable weather all over the island. That means it makes it easy to combine a tour with a beach break.

Except for the northern part of India in the Himalaya region, India faces a calm time with moderate weather conditions during February. While the snow has not yet disappeared in the north, the south has a stable 25° to 28°C at no rain. That is the perfect time to see places on the Indian subcontinent.

Looking for a honeymoon destination? Try the Maldives, the month February still lies in their best travel time. Due to the Northeast Monsoon, the skies are blue, cloudless and from the sea blows a chilly breeze.
Because of these perfect conditions, resorts need to be booked months in advance to save yourself a room.

The Caribbean

February lies here as well within the best travel times. Warm weather between 25 and 29°C, blue skies, almost no rain and cheaper prices than in the first half of January, nearly screaming for you to visit the Caribbean islands. There are perfect conditions for sailing, diving and swimming.


Most parts of Europe’s mainland are still in the cold grasp of winter time. Cold, wet and cloudy weather dominate this month. If you are looking for activities such as skiing, snowboarding or snowshoes hikes, the alps in France, Switzerland, Germany and Austria will welcome you. Weekends tend to be more crowded on the slopes than weekdays, also consider European winter vacation time. With this in mind, you can find spots where you can enjoy the white winter wonderlands on the mountains almost for yourself.

Besides the alps, you can choose to go to the Tatra mountains in Slovakia, or lower Tatras as well to find less expensive and snow secure ski resorts.

If you feel the need to escape winter, the Canary islands again offer an excellent alternative to long-haul flights to Asia or the Caribbean islands. Thea weather here is mild, meaning temperatures around 24°C are making it possible to go for walks at the beach. The water shows around 18°C and is probably too cold for most of us. The Teide is still covered with snow, and the possibility to go snowboarding and chill at the beach make the Canary islands a diversified destination.

The Arabian Peninsula

The Hadshan mountains in Oman have right conditions for hikes, and the view is nearly perfect due to the dry air. Before it gets too hot again towards the spring and summer months, February still comes with bearable 25°C average temperatures. Besides shopping in the UAE´s huge shopping malls, try to get an excursion to the sea on their typical Dhows or undertake a desert safari. As mentioned, in February, the temperatures make it comfortable to visit the desert. If you are looking for a relaxing few days laying on a beach, you want to visit Ras Al Khaimah, the neighbouring emirate in the northeast next to Oman. Their beautiful landscapes and caves invite you for diving trips.

Central And South America

The advantages of the warm and stable weather of the Caribbean comes also to the favours of Mexicos Yucatan peninsula and Belize. Mexico offers rich Mayan culture and ruins alongside a few of the most beautiful beaches in Playa del Carmen. Unfortunately these conditions make it the peak season for Mexicos Caribbean coast and hotel as well as flight prices reach a high limit.

A peaceful weather can also be found in south Americas Venezuela, Colombia and Peru, where thermometers reach between 25 and 30°C. Rain falls here , and the sun shines almost all day long. The low rainfalls on the other hand, unfortunately, brings less water to Venezuela’s rich waterfalls such as the Angel Falls. Therefore it might be a bit disappointing to take on the long hike to see them, but then to a small extent. That is a reason why you should visit the Iguazu Falls in Argentina/Brazil. On that side, you will encounter lots of rain during February, and the falls are to be wondered at their whole extent.

If you are more into partying, you have the perfect time to visit Rio de Janeiro and its world-famous carnival. Unfortunately, it is not the best weather to be there also prices for accommodations are astronomically high. Temperatures are with their around 26°C at their, and the humidity is almost unbearable.

Towards the end of the month, Santiago de Chile becomes attractive for a visit, since the southern summer is about to finish and temperatures decrease to a bearable amount.

North America

Most of the northern parts of North America like Canada and Alaska offer themselves as perfect destinations for skiing. The temperatures here can sometimes drop as low as -30°C in some parts. So make sure you are bringing or buying right gear.
While Florida lies at the Mexican Gulf and temperatures here are nicely warm, Hawaii offers still an excellent destination for surfers and whale watchers. Winds are strong in Hawaii causing big waves that are perfect for surfing, but you have to count with heavy rainfalls..

Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica And Patagonia

For the adventurers out there that are not scared of long-haul flights, Australia, New Zealand and Patagonia make themselves an excellent destination in February. Temperatures are still warm enough for any outdoor activity, but most importantly, February lies outside the touristic high season. Therefore prices are affordable, and most places are not overrun.


Travelling to Africa will reward you again with a diversity of different destinations.

While West Africa is still a bit chilly, due to its winds, Egypt’s weather is warm enough for beach breaks, dives and even desert adventures. The cold nights which December brought with it are gone. There are also fewer tourists on cruise ships on the Nile.

Besides the carnival taking place in February, the warm weather offers hikers and windsurfers a welcome change in February on Cape Verde.

Journeys to the heart of Africa is a good idea in February, as fewer rainfalls bring less humidity with it. Streets won´t be flooded anymore and grant access to parts, which are usually not reachable

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