Perfect travel destinations in January –

Perfect travel destinations in January –

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The following contains some ideas of destinations based on my long time experiences in the travel office. Keep on reading when you have time to leave but wonder where to travel to in January.


Besides a handful warm spots such as Andalusia in Spain or Gibraltar. The central part of Europe, on the other hand, is in the grasp of winters hand. Recently even with less snow and more rain. Temperatures may vary from -30°C in the high north until +10° in the south.
An excellent destination to escape the winter is the Canary Islands. The weather here is usually mild and are optimal for hikes, and even the Atlantic provides temperatures warm enough to take a dip. If you are looking for a combination of winter and summer vacation, you might consider Teneriffe. Teide delivers a proper snow amount, and you can even go skiing in the morning while relaxing at the beach in the evening.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean provides excellent weather throughout the whole month. After the hurricane season, stable, dry weather follows offering also low hotel prices after mid-January. Air and water temperatures reach an average of about 25°C, lifting every sun lovers heart. Tourists are mostly retired people from the north, spending the cold season in the Caribbean meaning after mid-January most of the tourists are gone.
Solely the northern Caribbean islands such as Cuba, the Bahamas or Jamaica sometimes get hit by a cold front. This can cause a temperature drop to 10°C at night. Skies are mostly blue and cloud-free during day


North America incl. Hawaii

Canada provides superb ski resorts such as Whistler mountain, Banff or Heliskiing in the Yukon. The climate is rough and cold except for Vancouver. Vancouver lays close to the Pacific ocean that delivers warm air.
The US also provides excellent Ski resorts in the Rocky Mountains, as well as the relatively mild weather on the west coast.
Floridas weather is similar to the Caribbean, swimming in the sea is possible, and the average temperatures lay around 25°C.
Most tourists think of surfing when they think of Hawaii. Well, January is a good month to go for a ride. Due to the rainy weather conditions, winds are not seldom there creating nice waves to surf in. If you are interested in whale watching though, you made a good choice as well


Arabian Peninsula

January is one of the few months of the year, where travellers can experience the Arabian peninsula. Besides Qatar and the UAE, Oman offers beautiful Arabian cultural treasures alongside a stunning mountainous scenery. During days the thermometer reaches temperatures between 25°C to 29°C, as well as the water temperature, lies never below 22°C.
At night it might get chilly, though, so make sure you bring a sweater



Africa provides you in January with many destinations, which are suitable to travel to. Besides going on a Safari, the beaches of Egypt are probably almost empty, and the water temperature is more than warm enough to take a dip. Alongside Egypt, the Ethiopian highlands create perfect travel conditions in January.

Tanzania and Kenya on Africa’s east coast, offer themselves as the best destinations for Safaris in January. Temperatures in the highlands reach about 25°C while the coast reaches up to 32°C and are almost rain free. That weather structures make the beaches of the east coast perfect for beach breaks. Destinations such as Zanzibar or even Mozambique come in handy with their beautiful white beaches.

While the Cape region offers perfect and warm weather, the rest of South Africa may suffer from heavy rains causing roads to flood. Potentially flooded streets make South Africa a less desired destination for Safaris. Despite the relatively high amount of rain, temperatures here quickly reach up to 30°C.

If you are more of an adventurous spirit, then you might as well visit the central and west African states north of the equator. Temperatures here reach less humid 25°C. Make sure you bring a warm sweater though because it might get chilly at night.
For all the active people here, have you ever heard about Cape Verde? They turn out to be just perfect for hikes, surfs and sailing trips. Thanks to the northeast Passat, you encounter ideal wind conditions, basically no rain and 7-10 hours of sun a day. Temperatures in the air and water are consistently around 23°C.

Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica And Patagonia

Don´t forget the far south of our globe. Experiencing mid-summer, the south of the southern hemisphere provide excellent weather conditions, and you won´t find a better time in the year for your outdoor activities. Winds don´t blow too strong, rain does not fall too often, and temperatures are comparable to our European summer. A visit to that region also means, all the national parks are open, and you can travel without any obstacles.

Calm waters, 24 hours sun and for the Antarctica warm temperatures around 0°C offer a great time to do a cruise in this region. Looking for your trip of a lifetime, visiting the 6th continent, emperor penguins and whales, January is the best time to visit the far south.

South Asia

After the typhoon season, south-east Asia and the Indian Subcontinent create perfect destinations for adventure seeker that want to combine beach breaks as well. Vast parts of Indochina, Philippines and Myanmar as well as southern China, western Sri Lanka and India are dry after the monsoon season. At comfortable 25°C day temperature, South Asia is a great choice to combine an adventure with a beach break. And just because the weather is perfect, January is one of the high season months bringing a lot of tourists and high prices.
If you are looking for only beach breaks western Thailand and western Malaysia, offer good locations, e.g. Phuket in Thailand or Penang in Malaysia.

The Indian Ocean with its world famous paradise atolls in the Maldives contains white, sandy beaches. The weather here is solid, dry and the days are filled with sunny hours. If you like to scuba dive or dive, the winter months are just ideal, because the water is calm, clear and warm. Other reasons why you should visit the Maldives are the regulated prices that are affordable again after the peak season during Christmas and new years. But as always, book early, to save some money!

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