The best destinations to travel to in July

The best destinations to travel to in July

Month number seven marks the beginning of the peak season in almost all the destinations all over the world. With Summer break starting in the Northern hemisphere, prices reach their highest level. Even the destinations featuring not the best travel conditions are overpriced and most of the time overbooked.


Summer has arrived, school is out. Time for a family vacation. The water along Europe’s coastline has reached temperatures of around 20°C all over middle and southern Europe. Unlike many peoples opinion, that you can get cheaper deals in the first half of the month, from day one of July prices explode. At times even impertinently high.
Besides tourists from outside of Europe, you will also be facing tourists from America and Asia, as well as from the Arabian Peninsula. Which is understandable because the weather there is unbearable.

While the weather in the south and southeast Europe is hot with many hours of sun and nearly no rainy days, the rest of Europe will feature more rainy days sometimes brought by heavy thunderstorms.
All the mountain ranges in Europe are now ready for you to be discovered and conquered. Snow has molten now up to a very high altitude, and the alpine flora greets you with beautiful flowers and lush green meadows. July also marks the beginning of the open air and festival season in Europe. Throughout the summer months, you can find musical festivals at almost every weekend anywhere in Europe. Some of them belong even to the biggest there are. Examples are the Tomorrowland in Belgium, Sziget Festival in Budapest, Rock am Ring in Nürnburg, Germany. Also, Croatia features some of the most fantastic electro festivals on their beautifully located islands in the Mediterranean sea.
If you´d instead visit Europe’s north, you will have excellent weather conditions as well. Unfortunately July and August are also the months, where all the mosquitos are vivid and looking for blood to gather. So make sure you bring a good and sufficient repellent.

The Middle East

Hot weather, no rain and endless hours of sun per day. July is high season for the Middle East. Sunbathing, snorkelling, sailing and parties in the evening. All of these activities sound wonderful, but be aware that the weather can rise to 45°C.

East Asia

In opposition to the high prices, July is not a good month to travel to East Asia. Monsoon, heatwaves and high humidity in the south and dozens of mosquitos in the north should be considered when visiting the far east. Alternatively, you might travel to the mountainous regions in Asia, where you can escape the heat and reach altitudes where mosquitos will not bother you anymore.

Southeast Asia

The Monsoon with its heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms have most parts of Southeast Asia in its grip. Nevertheless, I do not disadvise to visit that beautiful piece of the earth during this time. It solely should be considered, and alternative routes should be found in case of flood or blocked roads.
Considered good destinations for that time of the year are indeed the east of Malaysia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Although the hottest period of the dry season in Bali, with tourists from Europe, Australia and America, prices increase rapidly and finding accommodation can be a hard nut to crack. Alternatives here are trekking tours in the eastern part of Malaysia, where you will have perfect conditions to hike.

Central Asia

While the lowlands of central Asia became sweltering hot, the mountains are ready to be conquered. Even parts which usually would be covered up by snow can be reached at this time. Make sure you make  a good use of the short summer in central Asia with is comfortable temperatures in the mountains.


Northern Africa offers now hot weather, lots of suns and warm water to swim in. If you are looking for a fresh climate, you will find it now in the Atlas mountains.
Looking to get pictures with the Big Five? East Africa gives you now the chance to do so. While the dry seasons forces the animals to migrate to southern waterholes, you witness the most spectacular migration of thousands and thousands of animals in the Serengeti. Temperatures reach up to 22°C inland and about 26°C on the coast, making a combination of a safari with a beach break your perfect adventure in July. But again, you probably are not the only one with that idea. Therefore it makes sense to plan and book already in advance.
Except for the Drakensberg mountains, southern Africa´s winters are without any snow. Although temperatures on higher altitude may drop below freezing point making it not the top destination for heat seekers. The subtropical east coast of southern Africa provides an excellent destination for a beach break.
While the climate in the centre of Africa is mostly hot, humid and rich with rain, July provides a dryer climate. Alongside the central of Africa, desert parts of it south of the Equator are right to travel to as well.
The Indian ocean welcomes you with hot weather and only a few rainy days. Temperatures rise here to around 25°C. But due to the peak travel season, lots of tourists arrive on these islands filling up the small ones very quickly. Therefore book ahead.

North America

Most parts of the US and Canada face sweltering weather in July. But even you are looking for colder temperatures; you can still find places with a more pleasant climate. For example Canada’s and America’s east coast north of New York. Likewise on the Pacific coast north of Oregon. Temperatures rise here to about 25 – 30°C with low risk of rain.
The Rocky Mountains are perfect for trekking tours in July at a mild climate, merely the high amount of visitors during that time should be considered. July is also summer break in North America.
During July, most of the high north of Canada and Alaska presents itself with its beauty. Therefore it is well advised to visit these parts during July. But once again, consider the masses of tourists, that increase the prices and make sure you book early enough. Even rental cars can be booked out in July.

The Caribbean

Like in most parts of the world, July is also one of the peak season months, meaning high prices and quickly booked our accommodation. While heat waves, hurricanes and thunderstorms control the weather in the Caribbean, the ABC islands are an excellent choice during this time of the year. Besides Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao the Bermudas up north can be visited with a clear conscience.

Central America

Central America is the destination you should visit if you like to do some watersports. Strong winds blow in July, making it perfect for surfing, sailing and Kitesurfing.

South America

Brasil, the Andes from Bolivia to Colombia are worth visiting in July. Due to the dry season, beach breaks, jungle trips and hikes in the mountains are now possible and enjoyable. Many paths and roads are reachable and passable. Snow conditions in Chile´s and Argentina´s south are so right in July that you might consider even going for ski trips.
Due to the rainy season in the north of South America, all the waterfalls carry enough water, to display their beauty. That goes especially for Venezuela.

Australia and the Pacific

If you are in search of beautiful beaches and warm weather, the tropical islands in the Pacific are the destination for your to go to.
In case you are looking for nature, Australia´s north and the usually scorching hot Red Centre are safe to travel to in July. The mountains in Australia and New Zealand are covered with enough snow to go skiing or snowboarding.

The Arctic

An exclusive destination for July and August is the Arctic. Those two months is the only time of the year where regular tourists can visit that part of the earth. Brash ice has dissolved that far, those vast areas are accessible again. Due to the “warm” weather, many birds are breeding, and you can see many animals.

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