Where to travel to in April

Where to travel to in April

Numer four of my twelve-part series that gives you some details about where to go in each month. In this post, I´d like you to introduce to the situation in the first spring month and where to travel to in April.

Europe and the Atlantic Islands

This time I start off on my home Continent that is about to turn its forests and meadows into a green magnificence. The Alpine region is partially still covered in snow and skiing at higher altitudes is still possible. In the lowlands you will be enjoying already the warmer weather and city trips seem to come in handy for the quick weekend getaway. After the Easter holidays, hotels and transportations fares are affordable again, and streets are not packed with tourists anymore. When deciding for a city trip, I recommend places like Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Palermo, Athens, Skopje, Istanbul or even Cairo or Marrakech. The climate is at a nice 20-23°C already and often accompanied by sunny weather.

Not to forget are the Atlantic Islands such as the Canary Islands, Madeira or Cape Verde. Especially Madeira starts to show its most beautiful side of the year when all the flowers start blooming. It is not for no reason called the Island of flowers, and former Austrian empress enjoyed a stay on this island when she got sick. The combination of the smell of the flowers during a hike in the mountains and the fresh sea breeze, make you enjoy springtime at its fullest. Swimming is not yet recommended in Madeira, due to the cold Atlantic water temperatures.

The Canary islands appear to have the same weather conditions the whole year round. But the temperatures start rising in April, and most of the tourists, that tried to escape from the winter have returned home already. Therefore you will not have to fear overbooked hotels or packed beaches.

The Mediterranean and the Middle East

Elisha SpringAs the Arabian Peninsula has already reached temperatures so high, (you will only run from air condition to air condition), the northern part of the Middle East has unique requirements to go on a tour. Swimming might be still a bit chilly except for Cyprus.

Therefore I recommend visiting the Lebanon or Israel. The climate there is mild, and you can even relax on the famous beaches of Tel Aviv and play some Matkot.


After the dry but cold winter is has ended, you can visit the central parts in China again. Temperatures reach her in April around 20°C and the environment outside of the cities turn into a lush green.

In Japan, April hosts one of the most important events. The cherry blossom festival. When the trees are in bloom, people come in large groups with their families and friends to view the flowers and to enjoy celebrations with food, drink, and music. The significance of the cherry blossom tree in Japanese culture goes back hundreds of years.
That beautiful spectacle, unfortunately, comes with a backside. During the “Golden Week,” it is hard to get accommodation or a seat in public transports. And if you find anything that is still free, it is probably quite expensive.

Bagan Temples

While northeast Asia turns into a mild climate, south-east Asia faces still temperatures between 30-40°C, making this area an excellent destination to travel to in April. Especially the territories north of the Equator are spared by the rain, meaning there is a dry climate.
If you like a little more humid and less hot weather, you should go to the countries south of the Equator. In Indonesia for example, you have good reasons to travel to in April. The rain season has just ended, and on Lombok or Bali weather becomes sunnier and drier without getting too hot. If you don’t mind some rain showers, you can get a good deal at low prices and relatively few tourists.

The conditions in the Himalaya region is dry and warm, but not too hot in April. Hence you have perfect weather for hiking tours.
The rest of the Indian subcontinent is preferably not to be recommended, due to the sweltering weather.
In the north and the east coast of Sri Lanka has right conditions to travel to, while the west faces too hot weather to visit.

And of course, do not forget about the Maldives. Before rain season begins in May, you can still travel to the Maldives under suitable conditions. But be aware of the high prices during Easter time.

After the snow has melted in most of the lower parts in Central Asia, you have good access to a vast part of this area. Temperatures rise as high as 20-24°C, and you can witness lush, green forests and meadows, but pain might fall from time to time. While summers are hot here, springtimes make it perfect to pay a visit to the rich cultural heritage here.


April seems to be one of the best months to visit Africa. Especially the northern part of it. While the colder climate and rainfalls of the winter have disappeared, the higher temperatures of the summer, have not yet begun to rise. In conclusion, April makes it a perfect month to go on a tour through any of the North African countries. Temperatures on average reach about 25°C, making an expedition to the desert bearable, as well as laying on the beach, swim and scuba dive in the red sea possible. If you are interested in Egypt’s ancient culture, April is a good month to go on a Nile cruise, and if there is enough time you can combine it with a nice hotel in Hurghada at the beach.

Besides North Africa, also southern Africa is an excellent destination to travel to in April. Temperatures are at around 25°C after the southern summer, and rain has stopped falling, making the climate drier and weather conditions more stable. Due to the previous rainfalls in summer, Safaris are not a good idea in April, as the animals still find enough water in the bushes and don´t need to look for bigger waterholes. Prices are lower than usual, and flight fares are almost as low as they are going to be in May.

North America

For all the friends of the West, April is a good month to avoid dry, sweltering summer heat in the desert States, such as Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. Calfornia will have an average temperature of 20-25°C, making visits in places such as the Death Valley less of a torture. Also, the southern states form a right travel destination in April. You merely have to keep in mind, that in Tornado Alley “Tornado Season” has started as of March, but will peak in May, June.
A Tornado Alley map starts in central Texas and goes north through Oklahoma, central Kansas and Nebraska and eastern South Dakota, sometimes dog-legging east through Iowa, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana to western Ohio.

When travelling through the Rockies, you will maybe have to take detours, due to roadblocks of snow.

Central America And The Caribbean

April marks the end of the travel season in the Caribbean and Central America. While temperatures already rose high above 30°C, the water is just a tad colder than the air. After the Easter holidays, most of the tourist have returned home, and prices are dropping again.
At the end of April, days become more cloudy again, rain will start falling, and the air becomes more humid.

South America

Starting from Lima along the Pacific coast over to the northern/Caribbean coastlines, the climate makes these destinations interesting. Also, southern Brazil, northern Argentina, Uruguay and central Chile are sound to travel to in April.

Australia, New Zealand And the South Pacific

If you don´t mind some rain from time to time, but would like to travel cheaply to the south pacific islands, then April is a good month for you. The weather is relatively stable but might bring some rain.
Also, southern Australia, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney and New Zealand are an attractive travel destination. Temperatures are still as high as 23°C on an average.


If you like to travel to a more exotic destination, then Greenland is the destination for you. While in April, the weather is not so cold anymore, and days grow longer, you have the perfect conditions to undertake expeditions on the Worlds biggest island.

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