Where to travel to in August

Where to travel to in August

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Deciding where you should travel to in August? following I put together an overview for the best travel destinations in August.


In August you can find something for many holidaymakers in Europe, here it is midsummer everywhere.
From the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea, swimmers will find the best conditions all year round. At the Mediterranean there is pure sun, day temperatures over 35 degrees and no rain.
For those who don’t want it to be quite so hot in Southern Europe, the Azores are a real recreation with an average of only 25°C. The island is also visually more attractive than large parts of southern and southeastern Europe in August. Thanks to the regular rainfall, there is plenty of greenery here.

With an average of 15-22 degrees it is much less hot in Western, Central and Eastern Europe and visitors have to reckon with occasional rain showers. But for many visitors this is much more bearable than the extreme heat in South and Southeast Europe. Outside these two regions, the good weather in August also invites to sightseeing, city tours and various outdoor activities. For example, the numerous festivals and open-air concerts that now take place everywhere are well worth a visit. How about an opera at the Arena in Verona or a play at the Salzburg Festival?
Many holidaymakers travel to the European mountains in August, because hikers and mountaineers find the best conditions there right now.

In the second half of the month, the mosquito plague in the far north of Europe also goes back, so that one can enjoy the last days of the summer there again.

Middle East

A great destination for a holiday in August are also the coasts of the Middle East. Whether Israel, Cyprus, Turkey or Azerbaijan. Everywhere the visitor finds pure sun all day long, high temperatures and no rain. Also the water is with values of 22-28 degrees the purest pleasure.
If you want it a bit cooler, you can go trekking in the high mountains of the region in August. The Caucasus, Taurus and Lebanon now offer excellent weather conditions.


Far East


The best destinations in the Far East in August remain the mountainous regions in western China and the Japanese island of Hokkaido. It is pleasantly warm, but not hot, the humidity is limited and the monsoon is not quite as pronounced. A special destination  in the Far East in August is Fuji, Japan’s holy mountain. It can only be climbed during the summer months. In the course of August the mosquito plague in North Asia decreases, so that at the end of summer you can also visit Siberia and the other regions in the Asian part of Russia again.


Southeast Asia

While in the south of the region now the big heat rolls on, in the north still the monsoon prevails. But in between there are attractive destinations in August. Those who want to visit Malaysia or Singapore should do so in August. Although rain showers and high humidity are to be expected, neither the amount of precipitation nor the sultriness are as high as in the north. And the temperatures are still bearable, unlike on Bali or Java.


Central Asia

The high mountains of Central Asia are the only destinations that can be visited in August in this part of the world. While the lowlands are characterised by unbearable heat, drought and dust, the higher altitudes remain pleasantly cool. Since large parts of the mountains are covered by thick snow for much of the year, which also interrupts the few existing transport links, hikers and mountaineers can reach many destinations only now during the short summer.



In August, from a climatic point of view, it is quite easy to say where holidaymakers should go and where not.
Apart from the coastal regions of the Mediterranean Sea, the Moroccan Atlantic coast and the Atlas Mountains, Africa north of the equator should be a long way away. It is simply much too hot. On the other hand, the countries south of the equator are now particularly attractive for a trip. There is now a winter dry season, the temperatures are pleasant and not as unbearably hot as in southern summer.
Especially southern Africa is on the agenda again in August, as it is no longer freezing cold at night as in the past months. Due to the advanced dry season, the vegetation is no longer so dense and one can now observe the animals better in the national parks. Therefore the big time of the safaris starts in August everywhere in Africa south of the equator.
But also for a bathing holiday at the Indian Ocean now is exactly the right time. With a lot of sunshine, little rain and temperatures of the air and the water of 22-28 degrees Celsius, the best conditions prevail along the African east coast and at the dream beaches of the Seychelles and Mauritius.
For trekking tours in the mountains, however, it is still clearly too cold in August, especially in the south of Africa. Also a visit to Cape Town is not fun in view of the very cool weather there in August.


North America

It remains quite hot in August in large parts of the North American continent. Holidaymakers should therefore head for destinations that are bearable in terms of temperatures. And there are enough of them in North America in August as well. On the one hand there is the east coast of Canada and the USA north of New York. Also the Pacific coast of Oregon to the north is to be recommended. With similar temperatures as in Central Europe in August, there is now less rain than here.
Mild temperatures can also be found in the Rocky Mountains. They are now ideal for trekking tours and hikes. But you will often not be alone there, especially the national parks, such as the famous Yellowstone, are a big visitor magnet this month.
August is also one of the short periods of the year when you can discover the still largely untouched nature in Alaska and Northern Canada because of the halfway pleasant temperatures. However, holidaymakers must also endure the countless mosquitoes that still appear in droves in the region until about the middle of the month.



If you want to spend a holiday in the Caribbean in August despite the rainy season and hurricanes, then only the ABC islands Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao are suitable. They are located in the very south of the Caribbean and are very rarely hit by tropical cyclones. Moreover, it rains little there for tropical conditions, so that the islands are also an attractive destination for a Caribbean holiday in August. In addition, there is a low tourist season in the Caribbean during our summer. Thus, one avoids the high room prices and tourist masses of the winter and spring months when one travels to the ABC islands in August.


South America

Large parts of South America are a great destination during the month of August.
This is true for Brazil as well as for the Andean countries from Bolivia to Colombia. Bathing at dream beaches, round trips or tours through high mountains and rainforest are now possible. Because it is dry season and many destinations can only be reached at all. In the high altitudes of the northern Andes, however, it sometimes gets quite fresh at night. In the south in Chile and Argentina it even gets so cold that a lot of snow falls and visitors find excellent conditions for all kinds of winter sports.
In Venezuela in the north of the continent it is the rainy season in August. But the numerous waterfalls of the country are especially impressive when there is a lot of rainfall. But one should accept the heavy rain in order to experience this impressive natural spectacle.


Australia / South Pacific

Australia, New Zealand and the islands of the South Seas attract many different travellers in August. Visitors to the many tropical South Sea islands will find a holiday on dream beaches under palm trees in midsummer temperatures. Rain can never be completely ruled out in the tropics, but is limited in August in the southern Pacific. In Australia, the south winter offers the possibility to explore the tropical north and the otherwise extremely hot centre of Australia in case of little rain and not quite so high temperatures.
But also for the winter sportsmen this area of the earth has attractive destinations ready in August. In the Australian and New Zealand Alps during the south winter you can easily put your boards under your feet and go on the slopes and cross-country ski runs.



August in the very north of our planet offers something special: a journey through the Arctic. Together with July, August is the only month in which you can travel there as a normal holidaymaker. Only in midsummer has the pack ice, which prevents access to large parts of the region during the rest of the year, disintegrated or retreated far to the north.
Greenland, Iceland and Spitsbergen are now becoming worthwhile destinations that are not looking for heat in summer. Thanks to the now rather mild weather, August is particularly suitable for observing animals; many migratory birds now breed, seals give birth to their young and many whale species can also be observed in the Arctic in August. The best way to explore the Arctic is by cruising, hiking or kayaking.




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