Where to travel to in June?

Where to travel to in June?

Spring is slowly getting to its end, and summer begins to loom. The northern hemisphere has already warmed up on most of the places so that you can wear shorts. I will explain you in this post, where the best places to travel to in June are.


At Europe´s coasts, you can now swim almost everywhere, as water temperatures have reached more than 20°C.  While you still have to fear some rain showers throughout most of the northern parts of Europe, you can rest assured, there is no rain coming in the southern- and southeast parts of Europe.
If you don´t like to stay in the warm weather and 30°C is already too much for you, then Scandinavia along with northern Russia is a good alternative for you. The end of May and beginning of June is the best time to see the midnight sun. Afterwards, all the mosquitos will pray on you.
Similar to the Scandinavian countries, also Iceland is an excellent destination to visit in June. Most flowers start to bloom, and you will be still relatively alone there, as the primary season begins later.


The Middle East

Even though, the Middle East has always a hot climate, making it possible to go for a swim or sunbathing, the temperatures here climb already above 30°C. Along the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, you will enjoy the best weather.
If you decide to visit the Turkish Mediterranean coast, I recommend doing so in the first half of the month, as Turkey is very popular for summer vacations in Europe and beaches and resorts will fill up very quickly.
In Israel and the Arabian Peninsula, the quicksilver rises far over 35°C and discovering the countryside is not to be recommended for those, that can´t handle the heat so well.
The same goes for Egypt. The Red Sea will fill up fast during summertime, and the prices increase rapidly. Unless you can´t handle hot weather in the desert, you will enjoy the Red Sea with pleasure.

East Asia

While the majority of the far east are in the firm grip of the Monsoon, bringing high humidity and lots of rain with it, different parts of Asia appear to be kind to travel to. For example Mongolia and Siberia, western China with its mountain ranges and Japans northern Island of Hokkaido.
The first half of June is preferred to travel to Siberia and Mongolia, as the weather is even drier and mosquitos are not eating you up.

South East Asia
Planning a trip to South East Asia, you should consider the southern countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and central Vietnam as well as southern Thailand. The northern areas are in the Monsoons grip. That does not necessarily mean you can´t travel there. A lot of people frequently think that the countries are unpassable during Monsoon season. But you will be facing the hot and humid weather.
Due to the fact, that most Europeans and Americans do not yet have their summer break, the tourist-season in South East Asia has not yet begun. Meaning most accommodations and flight tickets are still cheap to purchase. As well as the beaches are almost empty.

Central Asia

June is again an excellent time to visit central Asia. Mainly if you are interested in hiking. The areas in the higher altitudes are at a milder climate, while the plains suffer hot, humid weather. But on the plus side, most of central Asia´s regions are located in the mountains.


Is a vast continent divided by many different climate zones. Therefore you have a variety of choices that you can take from when you are planning a trip to Africa.

If you have plans for a beach vacation, northern Africa suits best for you. Along the coastline, you will find air temperatures above 35°C and water temperatures above 25°C. Staying at the Red Sea, you will have to be able to handle scorching heat above 39°C. In case you would like to go for hikes, Morocco with its Atlas mountains are an excellent alternative to the tropical coastlines. Temperatures in higher altitudes are lower.
At about 23°C in the highlands and 28°C along the coastline, east Africa appears as an excellent destination. The rain season has ended, but the vegetation still has enough water to flourish. In the western and central areas of the Serengeti, you can witness the Big Migration, marking the beginning of the safari season fro east Africa.
June is the first winter month in southern Africa. While night temperatures reach below freezing in the highlands, many other regions don´t necessarily reach more than 20°C during the day. Due to the thick vegetation, safaris are still not recommended.

Central Africa appears in the similar condition, but warmer. The quicksilver here rises to about 25°C and stays dry.

The Indian Ocean

If you are looking for good deals and empty beaches, you should visit the Seychelles, Maurice or La Reunion. It is quite dry in June, not too hot (about 25°C), and due to the shoulder season, you will not encounter too many other tourists.

North America

If you are planning a trip to the United States, you will find only a few tourists all across the country. While the southern weather turns already very hot at about 30°C, and the chance of hurricanes and tornadoes increases, the northern states become quite attractive. The Quicksilver in the Rocky Mountains, for example, rises as high as 20°C with lots of sunshine.
If you don´t mind a bit bad weather, you are a perfect fit for Alaska or the northern states of Canada. The weather up there can be quite wet in June, but mosquitos will not bite you 😉
At about 25-28°C, Hawaii is still an excellent destination for all the tourists, that don´t want to surf. You won´t meet too many tourists, and the rains are limited as well.

The Caribbean

In almost all the Caribbean islands, the time of hurricanes, high humidity and scorching temperatures have started with June. Aside from the ABC islands, that is the case.
On the islands Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, as well as the northern coast of Venezuela, you can enjoy the dry weather at bearable temperatures. At about 25-30°C you are aside of the hurricane alley, and also June is still not the high season, meaning fewer tourists and more empty beaches at an affordable price.

South America

June is one of the best months to visit large parts of South America. Especially the northern coast in the Caribbean. Also, the countries sharing the Andes are now an exciting destination, such as Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. But be aware that the Quicksilver can drop below freezing point during the night. During the day the temperatures are at a mild level, and rain is also rarely seen.
And if you miss the winter, you can even go skiing for example in Argentina’s Bariloche. In general, the Chilean and Argentinian Andes are filled with snow so that you can go skiing in June.

Australia and the South Pacific

June is a good month to travel through many areas of Australia, as well as many islands in the South Pacific. The South Pacific Islands go through their dry period, which doesn´t mean there won´t be any rain. It is just less. But also the humidity decreases at still warm temperatures.
Speaking of Australia, the tropical north of Australia is an attractive destination in June. The temperatures here are still warm, but quite colder for Australian conditions. The same goes for the Red Center, where you will have to deal with scorching heat during the summertime, June is one of the colder months, and trips to the Red Center are well recommended.

In Australia´s southernmost island and neighbour Tasmania and New Zealand, June is a cold month and only recommended to those that are looking to go skiing. If you don´t mind a bit more frigid water, you can even go snowboard during the day and go surfing in the evening.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope I could help you a bit.

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